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More Daylilies from 2010

Always Afternoon
pic by David Mussar

(Morss, 1989)

Tet, 22" E, 5 ½", Ev.

Stout Medal winner in 1997. The highest honor bestowed by the AHS for distinction, beauty and performance over a wide geographic area - need I say more? The Daylily World catalogue describes it as a "Luscious, lavender mauve blooms; midnight purple eye zones; green throat." Gorgeous plant and a proven performer everywhere.

American revolution

(Wild 1972)

28" scape, Dip,5.5" bloom, Dor,M,Re, green throat

Annie Golightly

(Hughes 1974)

28" scape, Tet, 7", Evr, EM,Re,Noc, green throat

Artistic Veining


(Reinke 2009)

32" scape, Dip, Dor,ML,6" bloom

Lavender wine bloom with very dark veining, a real show stopper placing Best in Show it's inaugural season to the show circuit. Fertile both ways and passes it's veining to it's children.

Augies Unique Beauty

pic by David Mussar

(Augie Krupien 2007)

Gold with variable red mahogany broken overlay-every bloom is very different

34" scape, 4.5" bloom,Mla,Dor,Tet

This is one of my most exciting purchases, here is a link to learn a little about

Augie Krupien

more info about AUB from Ron Howards site , he is a fabulous grower with an amazing daylily website

CT daylilies

Big Birds Friend

Pic by David Mussar

(Gossard 2003)

52" scape, 10" bloom!,Dor, M, Re, UFO

Blueberry Candy

(Stamille 1993)

Cream white with violet eye.
Height 22 inches with 4.25 inch bloom.
M,Re, Dor, Tet, Fragrant.

Brookwood Lee Causey

(Sharp 1998)

18" scape,4.75" bloom,SEv,M, Fragrant, green throat

Buddy's Wild and Wonderful

pic from CT daylilies

(Hall 2008)

32" scape, 7" bloom,Tet, Evr, EM, Re, Noc, Ext, UFO

love this plant and I received it as a free bonus plant from CT Daylilies

Catherine Woodbury

(Childs F 1967)

30" scape, 6" bloom, Dip,Dor,ML,Vfragrant,Ext,green throat.

Cathy Cutelegs

(Shooter E 2004)

34" scape, 9" bloom, Dip,M,frag,Re,Ext,green throat

Cherry Cheeks

(Peck 1968)

28" scape, 6" bloom, Tet,Dor,ML,gr yellow throat

Custard Candy

pic by David Mussar

(Stamille 1989)

24" scape, 4.25" bloom, Tet, Dor,EM, Re,maroon Ez, gr throat


pic from breeders website

(Petit 2009)

(Awesome Blossom x Moment In The Sun) x Tet. Blue Moon Rising. Sev. 5" fl. 22" sc. M 20 buds. I love these flowers because of their unusual color, which is understandable with such a mixed pedigree. The petal self is a dark orange red, with a slightly creped texture. The flower has a large dark eye with black, purple, violet, orange and red tones. The eye color continues around the petal edges as a wide picotee. Coming from Tet. Blue Moon Rising, I have taken these flowers back to the blue lines with interesting results. Dark and unusual.


image from Island Daylilies where I purchased

(Hager 1990)

45" scape,6.5 bloom, Dip, Dor, ML,Ext

Dragon heart

(Salter E H. 1996)

28" scape, 4" bloom, Dip,Evr, M, Re, Red Ez, gr throat

Ed Murray

(Grovatt 1971)

30" scape, 4" bloom,Dip,Dor,M,Ext, gr thr.

Edna Selman

(Selman 2004)

24" scape,5.5" bloom,Tet,Dor,M,Frag, Re,Ext, Edge gold, gr thr.

Gasden Mesach

(Reinke J 2004)

39" scape,8"bloom,Dip, Dor,ML,Frag,UFO, dk gr to gold thr

Gavin Petit

(Petit 2004)

27" scape,6.5" bloom, Tet,Sev,M,Frag, Re, Edge , Gr thr.

Golden Zebra

(J Milan 1998)

foliage is unique with boldly striped leaves

12" scape,3" bloom,Dip, Dor,Re

H. Lilioasphodelus (Flava Daylily Sp.)

(Linne Emend. Hylander 1753)

30" scape,3" bloom,Dip,Sev,E, Frag


(Moldovan 1969)

24" scape,5.5" bloom, Dip,Dor,ML,Ext, Cream EZ, Gr thr



36" scape, 5.5" bloom,Dor, ML,Ext, Gold to Gr thr.

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