Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More New Daylilies for 2011

Water Mill Gardens the daylilies of Dan and Jane Trimmer

Calamity Jane

Dan's description of the flower he named after his wife

(D. Trimmer) Tetraploid (Elisa Dallas x Priscilla’s Smile) 28” E. Re. Ev. 6 ½” You know I really like this one as it is the second cultivar I’ve named after my wife (smile.) Calamity Jane typically produces 30 buds and has 3 lateral branches. The stunning circular blooms are a dark pink with red eye and edge outlined by a gold outer edge. The throat is large and pale yellow green. Fertile both ways, she was my most heavily used pod parent last year. Calamity Jane is a vigorous grower and strong rebloomer. If you’ve liked any of my red eyed pink cultivars in the past you will love this one. She is special!

....just to be fair here is an intro by Jane his wife

This is one of my most looked forward to new daylilies, it's really different.

Twiggy's lavender

Here is Janes description of her daylily

(Jane Trimmer) Tetraploid (Seedling x Seedling) 30” EM Re. 7 ¼” 2 lateral branches 20 buds Unusual From Crispate lavender with green throat. TWIGGY’S LAVENDER is descended from a long line of my breeding from the past decade. I crossed my U.F.’s with Dan’s long petaled Tets and Luddy Lambertson’s blue eyed UF’s along the way. TWIGGY’S LAVENDER is a durable but moderately increasing cultivar with with a flower that is more reminiscent of an orchid rather than a daylily! TWIGGY’S LAVENDER is a unusual beauty meant for a true collector of the unique.

to see more of the Trimmers intros click the link to their website

Welcome to Water Mill Gardens

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