Friday, July 29, 2011

This is Beguiled Again X Stringbean

Big Bird's Friend

Here is Beguiled Again X Stringbean hanging out with Big Bird's Friend.
Big Bird's Friend is bigger than my big yellow but it is still BIG, it only has one fan, and on it's only on it's second bloom ever so maybe it will catch up.

It was actually a conjugal visit so hopefully we have a double dose of big genetics and some interesting seedlings, I wonder if they will throw other colors.

Big Bird's Friend is Yellow and BA X S is Orangey-Yellow with a good dose of diamond dusting.

Big Pink Stripes Kid

Josephs Coat looking rather sad after being divided, and a case of thrips.

This is one of my favorite flowers, but it's looking washed out today.

I am not sure where I picked up this clone of Custard Candy, but it seems much bigger than my other one. It also has the best scape of anything growing in my nursery right now. It has 7 well spaced branches at perfect 45 degree angles, spiraled around the scape.

Annie Golightly looking like a million bucks in the hot sun. Annie is an older cultivar but I want to use Megatron with her, as she holds her color so well. I bought this plant on a very hot day it was my favorite red out of many Reds from Island Daylily Farm.

Flying Trapeze X Purple Cheetah
Here is twin one in Red

Here is twin 2 in Crimson purple

Here is Papa Purple Cheetah, without any spots, my soil or climate doesn't seem to support spots.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

July 28th

Another day in Daylily days , and a couple more flowers for my growing top 10 list. This Astral Voyager seedling has been my favorite of several good flowers.

Astral Voyager seedling, this one is a dark Orange with burnt Orange-Crimson eye and wire edge.

Pointsettia X Pack Hunter
I love this flower, it is a Copper with an Orange and Yellow throat, with lots of diamond dust where the Yellow extends down the sepals.

I have a few daylilies I can't wait to cross this to.

A couple of Girly girl 1/2 sisters Oceanside X Sexy Sallly, and Oceanside X Gudrid

Both are a clear what I am calling blue pink, and soft Amethyst

I will be using this in my veining program.

I have a list I want to cross to this, and luckily it's first scape has lots of buds. It's not a big plant yet so I will have to show some mercy.

I will use Joseph's Coat
Simmering Elephants
Gasden Mesach
Artistic Veining
Lilywood Orchid Tones,
and my new Copper seedling Pointsettia X Pack Hunter


Stippled Starlight

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Beguiled Again X Stringbean
Believe it or not this is the sibling to the big Yellow daylily from yesterday. If you look at the grandparent of these two it makes perfect sense.

More pics of one of my favorites I have posted already daylily

It has a very yellow eye today

This funny little mini has a crease at the mid rib so the petal fold down the centre.

It's very cute

This one is like a party favor

I have been getting some bright Trahlyta like blooms, in a Red purple

I tried to take a picture of how sparkly the edge is on this but it didn't happen. I had 4 bloom today with bubbly glittery edges.

This is my favorite for the day, this is the end of the day, and it's still looking good.

It has a very blue purple color with a dark purplish blue eye.

The Blue is very striking, and I like the eye, it looks like a yellow flower sitting where the eye is.

The eye is very yellow with a white edge, up against the darker blue, it's beautiful.

It'a going to make the top 10, I must be up to 6 or 7 in my top 10, at this rate I may have to adjust to a top 20. There are lots more new blooms to see yet.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July 26th

AUB X Unk Seedling

Going Bananas X Cool Blue Breeze Seedling

Almost every seedling from this cross has been nice. This one isn't too sure what it wants to do. It has a darker eye than most of the others.

It has a very round petal

This flower was on the reject table, but it's next blooms were so big, I gave it a second look, and today it's bloom was very nice. It's in the keeper pile now.

The only all Yellow Going Bananaas X Cool Blue Breeze seedling

Portrait in Red seedling


Hot Pink , maybe it will have a better bloom next time. It's a very bright color.

St-Not X Chinwhiskers seedling from the side

same seedling from the front

This bloom takes it's time opening. When I first saw it I thought it was ugly. By the time it opens fully it is flat as a plate. It's the only flower I have like this. It's a burnt Orange color, with a circulare eye zone. It is quite unusual, and a full 6" across.

Bright purple seedlings

I really like the blue purple eye on this one.

Love the color on this one, keeping it for observation, It's first bloom is a little sketchy, but it is as bright as the picture.

Beguiled Again X Stringbean

This bloom is very bright Yellowish -Orange, and almost 8" , I didn't expect this out of this cross.
This flower is Stunning, it's in the top 10!, for this season!

Foxpoint Seedling

Foxpoint Seedling, they look the same in the pictures, but they are a little different, one is peachy pink, the other pink with a hint of peach.

Walter Kennedy

Wispy Rays
This is the first time this Daylily has bloomed since I purchased it this Spring. I am very happy with it.

Orchid Corsage

Gasden Mesach

This is a gorgeous flower, I was so disapointed last year when it bloomed. I thought it looked nothing like it's pictures, but this year it's settled in and I love it.

Royal Flycatcher

The scape on this Daylily is very well spaced and the branches spiral around the scape. It is supposed to be Custard Candy but it is much different than the other clump I have of it. The flowers look the same but one is a big plant, and the other short.

Annie Golightly

Lighter than Air