Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gossard intros purchased new for 2011

Heavenly Gardens Daylilies

Font sizeJames Gossard, World Class Daylily Producer,

Heavenly Gardens, located in Columbus Ohio,

zone 5,

takes pride in producing fine

Daylilies for your enjoyment.

Northern Hardy

Orange Firecat

(Gossard, Ryan) 2009 introduction

TET ( Heavenly Explosion x Red Eyed Jack )

28" M Dormant emo fr 6 1/2" 3 way branching 18 buds. Fertile both ways. Rebloomer

Flowers of Orange Firecat are bright orange with a large red eye above a green throat. Ryan keeps carrying on his large flower line. If you like them big, Orange Firecat is the one to buy. Ryan plans on using it with the tetra Peppermint Delight kids this year in the green house. Most of the Peppermint Delight kids are tender, so it is important to use a good hard dormant and Orange Firecat is such.

A great parent for big eyes ......$50

Time Wizard

(Gossard, James) 2009 introduction

(Gossard, J) Diploid {[(On the Dot x Malachite Prism) x [( Joseph's Coat x Elfin Etching)

x Spirited Style ]}

30" M Dormant emo fr 5 1/2" 4 way branching 25 buds. Very fertile both ways. Rebloomer

Flowers of Time Wizard are rose with a dark rose purple eye above a very green throat. Time Wizard is being introduced because it has been a wonderful parent for patterned eyes. As you can see, it has 3 different patterned flowers in it's genetics. It is the parent of many of Jamie Gossard future introductions .....$100

Pattern Maker

(Gossard, James) 2010 introduction

(Joseph's Coat x Elfin Etching x Spirited Style x Siloam Fine Art )

Diploid 29" Mid season Dormant emo fr 6.5" 3 way branching 18 buds. Fertile both ways. Rebloomer

Pattern Maker Gossard's best to date pattern maker flower. It stamps the patterns on its kids. It merges Salter's and Henry's best pattern genetics together. What sets it apart from all the rest of the pattern flowers, is that it is very hard dormant, but should still grow well in the south. I believe this to be true since it seems to do fine in the green house setting. It has been extremely difficult utilizing Salter genetics, which I find so valuable in hybridizing for patterns to create northern hardy patterned daylilies. Pattern Maker is the accumulation of 7 years of pattern hybridizing to get a broken pattern daylily, there is no diploid dormant better than Pattern Maker. The loss of color is in both the petals and sepals. More blue in the sepals than the petals. There are over 9 different zones of color loss and color change. Because of the triangular form, Pattern Maker can be used in round and spider hybridizing. Notice also that Pattern Maker is taller than any of its parents

(see below). If you are hybridizing for dormant patterns, do not miss out on this one. A great flower to cross with the patterned Carpenter introductions. Supply is Limited........$200

Heavenly Fire and Ice

(Gossard, James) 2010 introduction

( (Startling Creation x (Heavenly Fire Arrow x Wandering Wings x Heavenly Starfire ))

TET 37" MLa Dormant emo fr 7.5" 3-4 way branching 18-24 buds. Fertile both ways.

Heavenly Fire and Ice has creamy sherbet orange flowers with a strong orange red eyezone. It can have a lot of orange-red spots. Flowers appear to be orange-red with a creamy sherbet orange edge, such creates the illusion due to the huge eyezone. Bicolor with lighter sepal edges. It is an unusual formed crispate. A good parent for patterned spotted spider and unusual formed daylilies. A very nice garden daylily, wonderful in a clump ......$150

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