Thursday, July 23, 2009

more to identify

Gold with green throat, and faint midrib, 2foot variegated foliage, shorter scapes dark with red pink green and white scapes and buds, faint dark lines on back of bloom
thick sturdy blooms on very sturdy scapes

17 petals...Flore Pleno ??

12" plant, pale yellow flower, wine eye zone

30 " plus vigourous plant, orange bloom with red eyezone. Self fertile

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

identify these mysteries

I have had this daylily for many years, it took it's time blooming but has bloomed the past few . I kept it for it's stunning foliage, it always forms a strong healthy clump. It is a real standout, and I held onto it even though i didn't think it was going to flower. It's worth it in the garden just as a foliage plant. This year I am trying to identify it.

It is dormant never reverts to green foliage
white margins
dark stems and buds that are also variegated
retains faint dark striping on the back side of the bloom
2cm stripes of green on back of blooms
beautiful gold with a hint of peach
small green throat faint green midribs
smallish flowers
diamond dusting
6 stamens
60 cm leaves
45cm scapes
6cm+ buds

Anyone recognise this ? It set a few pods on itself.

not really pink

true color, although pic washed out

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Island Daylily Farms

Prauge Spring

Brennan and I took an afternoon off from renovating the nursery. My daylily obsession led us to Island Daylily Farm in Shawnigan Lake. I became inspired by Julia Brooke's post on Used Vic reminding daylily lovers that it was peak bloom period at the farm.

I came across the Island Daylily web site last year, and have a long list of must haves from their catalogue. I have been busy planting daylily seeds, and fans purchased from the lily auction, but purposely have held off buying those available locally. Island Daylily Farms collection includes many varieties with the parentage of some of my daylily purchases, so I was keen to see the plants in bloom.

White Temptation

The drive out to the farm was lovely, and was a quick 30 minutes from Victoria. We found it easily as several phone poles leading to the farm had teasing messages to guide us along. The driveway is a little steep, but easy enough for even my little car. Brennan was calling for his bumper sticker before I noticed the "I survived the Island Daylilies driveway" bumper sticker on Julia's car. She had a sticker ready for us, and it is now on my car.

Little Grapette
The daylilies were exquisite as promised as, and I thoroughly enjoyed a lengthy peruse amongst the well labelled beds. Brennan noted all the work that went into the retaining walls, and with an " they all look pretty to me" , retired to the shade. It was certainly hot, the dog hid under the car prompting us to head to the lake after our visit. I bought 5 plants from my list, had a delightful chat with Joan, and plan on returning again soon. I need to pot up the 3000 seedlings I have before I go wild with more purchases.


If you are a fan of Daylilies I reccomend a trip out to Island Daylily Farms. It's an easy drive and you can also take in lunch, the Glassblowing studio, Silver Sage nurseries, or one of the wine tours the area boasts.

Annie Golightly

Island Daylily Farms 1291 E. Shawnigan Lake Rd,

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lily Auction seeds planted

My helper, Cleo

the most recent seedlings, lots of Mahieu crosses here.

One of the two racks just planted

First seeds started in the garage

List of the crosses purchased off the Lily Auction

Orchid Corsage X Stargate Portal
Wings on High X Stringbean
Sdlg X Stunned by Grace
Sdlg X lavender blue baby
Sdlg X Carribean Whipped Cream
Sdlg X Barbara Mitchell
Sdlg X Harbor Boy
Sdlg X Others
Portrait in Red X Space Coast Sea Shells
Portrait in Red X Virtuosity
Portrait in Red X Arctic Lace
Portrait in Red X Northern Dawn
Portrait in Red X Joan Derifield
America's Most Wanted X Goldenzella
Antique Linen X Sky Island
How Beautiful Heaven Must Be X Hillbilly Heart
Going Bananas X Cold Blue Breeze
Raspberry Beret X Gavin Petit
Thundering Ovation X Debussy
Border Music X Jane Lough
Passion District X Jay Farquarh
On the Avenue X Hrbgirl's Cherry Moonshine
Eye Zones Northern Hardy
Admirals Gold X Virtuosity
Choctaw Chick X Luna
Cat Dancer X Jungle Fowl
Big Kiss X Northern Dancer
Sandy Ellis X Heavenly Curls
Wind Master X String Theory
St-Not X Chin Whiskers
Exotic Treasure X Blue Lake
Cs 306 X White Stripes
Victorian Lace X Miss P
Chicago Ruby X Stringbean
Beguiled Again X Stringbean
Decatur Cherry Smash X Court Musician
Evermore Lights X Seventy Times Seven
Evermore Lights X Foxpoint
South Seas X Rock Solid
Roses and Gold X Red Volunteer
Washingtons Farwell X Suzannes Jewel
Wings on High X Stringbean2
Orient X White Stripe
Landsend X Baby Blue Eyes
Inky Fingers X Free Wheelin
Sdlg 46 (T x ER) x Stargate Portal
Margo Reed Indeed X Pink Stripes
green rainbow X green inferno
Mountain top experience X Suzannes Jewel
Wings of Chance X Suzannes Jewel
Apple Tart X Victorian Principles
Moon Witch X John Peat
Queen Kathleen X Green Inferno
Racing Stripes X Pink Stripes
Rosy Returns X Blue Oasis
Spacecoast Starburst X John Peat
Spacecoast Starburst X Light Years Away
Sherry L Carr X Angelique Fringes
Sherry L Carr X Northern Dawn
Sambo Wilder X trahlyta
Wellspring of Wisdom X Vertical Horizon
Foxpoint X unknown
Astral Voyager X unknown
Dangling Participle X Purple Cheetah
Indy Misty Love X Pink Stripes
CEXcl-10( Coubtry Excitement X Changing Latitudes) X Banned in Boston
Bahama Butterscotch X ?
Orient X Fancy Face
H506(Happy returns X ?) X White Stripe
Christine Walser Hite X Dragon Fang
Theophilis X Randy Stephens
Forestlake Ragamuffin X ?
Mort Morss X ?
Dragon Dreams X Sexy Sally
Dragon Dreams X Lavender Handlebars
Jester's collar X Persimmone
Jester's Collar X Orchid Forest
Brigade of Butterflies X Magic of Oz
Brigade of Butterflies X Gudrid
Brigade of Butterflies X Northwind Dancer
CS-306 X White Stripe
Foxpoint X unknown mostly re bloomers
Admirals Gold X Awesome Bob
Bordello Queen X ? (5 parents)
Angelo's seedlings
Brigade of Butterflies X Magic of Oz
Brigade of Butterflies X Northwind Dancer
Brigade of Butterflies X Jan's Twister
Lady Neva X Skinwalker
Lady Neva X Gudrid
Lady Neva X Sexy Sally
Galaxy Explosion X Uforistic Gallery
Galaxy Explosion X Skinwalker
Wilson's Spider X Sexy Sally
Wilsons Spider X Northwind Dancer
Indian Giver X Rebekah's Gothis Spider
Indian Giver X Tylwyth Teg
Lord Trickster X Rock Around the Clock
Flying Trapeze X Megatron
Star of India X ?
Bill Marchand Bi-tone X Northwind Dancer
Yazoo Wild VioletX Ya Ya Girl X Morning Breaking
Choctaw Chick X unknown
Brigade of butterflies X Gudrid
Brigade of Butterflies X Orchid Forest
Brigade of Butterflies X Vampire Lestat
Loblolly Bethany X Webster's Pink wonder
True Whim X Lochness Monster
Ventian Boroque X You and Eye
Through the Looking Glass X Ada May Musick
Pine Belt Magic X Paper Butterflies
Spacecoast Tiny Perfection Xprincess Dianne
Bold Tiger X Ed Brown
Sambo Wilder X Indian Giver
Brigade of Butterflies X Stargate Portal
Brigade of Butterflies X Sexy Sally
Brigade of butterflies X Lola Braham
Best of Friends Sdlg X Starman's Quest
Best of Friends Sdlg X Persimmone
Best of Friends Sdlg X Orchid Forest
Trahlyta X Dream Queen
Trahylya X Orchid Forest
Gentle Blessings X Northwind Dancer
Gentle Blessings X Lola Braham
Taunting Tapestry X Vampire Lestat
Taunting Tapestry X Orchid Forest
Taunting Tapestry X Lavendar Handlebars
Twylth Teg X Lola Braham
Twylyth Teg X Gudrid
Indian Giver X Rebekah's Gothis Spider
Indian Giver X Lola Braham
Indian Giver X Lavender Blue Baby
Trahlyta X Purple Satellite
Trahlyta X Twylyth Teg
Sdlg Lighthouse Exotic Banquet X Magic of Oz
Sdlg Lighthouse Exotic Banquet X Persimmone
Sdlg Lighthouse Exotic Banquet X Vampire Lestat
Indian Giver X Stargate Portal
Indian Giver X Vampire Lestat
Royal Flycatcher X Firestorm
Lancelot of France X Mapping Carolina
Final Touch X Mapping Carolina
Oceanside X Mapping Carolina
Oceanside X Northwind Dancer
Oceanside X Sexy Sally
Oceanside X Gudrid
H.Altissima X Cowboy Scarf
H. Thunbergii X Magic of Oz
Sdlg 44 X heavenly Curls
Lilting Lavender X Stargate Eclipse
Statuesque X Mahukona
Christine Reilly X Iroquois Maiden
Royal Kaleidescope X Attack Lizard
Lobo Lucy X Royal Flycatcher
Iroquois Maiden X Monacan Trail
FirestormX Holly DancerX Pack Hunter
Ojo de Dios X Gudrid
Rosy Purple Oddity X Orchid Forest
Radiation Biohazard X Nyriagongo
Golliwog X Swamp Apparition
Isolde X Purple Satellite
Regal Giant X Thoralla
Persiflage X Thorhalla
Damsel in Distress X Belladonna Starfish
Persiflage X Gudrid
Purple Architecture X Orchid Forest
Violet Explosion X Winged Being
Oceanside X Purple Satellite
Chief Blackhand X Orchid Forest
Bejeweled X Bengali Princess
Sir Wilfordx Stack the DeckX Purple Satellite
Aniakchat X Finger Lake
Volcan Fuego X Asiatic Pheasant
Nyriagongo X Magic Age
Orchid Jungle X Isolde
Grey Witch X Thorhalla
Pointsettia X Pack Hunter
Thorhalla X Tie Dye Illusion
Maude Peacock X Thorhalla
Caramba X Royal Flycatcher
Chief Blackhand X Pack Hunter
Avis Jean X Winged Being
Purple Architecture X Thorhalla
Million to One X Bengalli Princess
Starman's Quest X Gudrid
Wild One X Open Hearth X Winged Being
Bagane X Cherokee Vision
Black Arrowhead X Packhunter
Purple Sdlg (Ktomi)X Gudrid X
Vulcon Fuego X Erin Farmer
Birdwing Butterfly X Orchid Forest
Foxhaven Enigma X Royal Flycatcher
Birdwing Butterfly X Pack Hunter
Sincere Prayer X Winged Being
Firestorm X Royal Flycatcher
Winged Being X Erin Farmer
Royal Kalidescope X Purple Satellite
Damsel In Distress X Orchid Jungle
Volcan Fuego X Cabbage Butterfly
Blue Lustre X Gudrid
Cornwall X Volcan Fuego
Volcan Fuego X Squaredancers Curtsy

Pictures of the Varieties recently potted

Daylilies ordered for potting up

Tylwyth Teg
Marked by Lydia

Ed Murray

Volcan Fuego
Spindazzle Simmering Elephants

Purple Cheetah

Pink Stripes
Orchid Corsage
Space Coast Freaky Tiki

Sir Black Stem

Mapping Kentucky

Mapping Carolina


Kwanso Vareigated

King Alfred

Joseph's Coat

Jan's Twister


Gadsden Meshach
Cathy Cute Legs

Artistic Veining
Octopus Hugs