Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The new daylilies are potted

The daylilies arrived! Rain and the postal system delayed their delivery. My much anticipated fan of Artistic Veining is in rough shape. It was re routed for inspection by Agriculture Canada, held for 10 days, never inspected then allowed to be delivered...hmmf, my poor baby looks anaemic and has started to rot. Happily as of this post it is recovering somewhat, one TINY new leaf looks healthy.

Artistic Veining, and Gasden Meshach from Bill Reinke of Stephen Lane Gardens

The Rest of the Daylilies arrived in fine condition, and I am most excited to see "Purple Cheetah" bloom. All the daylilies I ordered from Rich Howard of C T Daylilies were huge fans in great condition.

Michaella from Fairyscape Daylilies is a sweetheart, she received the Reinke daylilies out of Tennessee through a friend south of the border, as he doesn't ship out of the USA. I purchased some nice fans from her, and am interested in some of her future seedlings.

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