Thursday, July 23, 2009

more to identify

Gold with green throat, and faint midrib, 2foot variegated foliage, shorter scapes dark with red pink green and white scapes and buds, faint dark lines on back of bloom
thick sturdy blooms on very sturdy scapes

17 petals...Flore Pleno ??

12" plant, pale yellow flower, wine eye zone

30 " plus vigourous plant, orange bloom with red eyezone. Self fertile


  1. Sandra,

    I believe the cultivars you are referring to as "Flore Pleno" is, FP. It looks almost exactly like the one I currently grow along with both the green and variegated "Kwanso" clones.

    The orange open form single with the red eye reminds me of what was sold to me a H. fulva var rosea "Rosalind", who is supposed to be pink! It is also self fertile. Somewhere on PN there is a discussion about "Rosalind" and I am thinking there is mention made of who my impostor could be.

  2. Thanks Rebecca, I agree I think Floro Pleno is correct. I now have both Floro Pleno and Kwanso.

    I will check the Rosalind post on the Pollenation forum.