Tuesday, July 21, 2009

identify these mysteries

I have had this daylily for many years, it took it's time blooming but has bloomed the past few . I kept it for it's stunning foliage, it always forms a strong healthy clump. It is a real standout, and I held onto it even though i didn't think it was going to flower. It's worth it in the garden just as a foliage plant. This year I am trying to identify it.

It is dormant never reverts to green foliage
white margins
dark stems and buds that are also variegated
retains faint dark striping on the back side of the bloom
2cm stripes of green on back of blooms
beautiful gold with a hint of peach
small green throat faint green midribs
smallish flowers
diamond dusting
6 stamens
60 cm leaves
45cm scapes
6cm+ buds

Anyone recognise this ? It set a few pods on itself.

not really pink

true color, although pic washed out

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