Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More Daylilies July 10/ 2011

Octopus Hugs, it's a knock out in real life.

Octopus Hugs from the side

Big Birds Friend

Big Birds Friend

This little cutie is an exact miniature replica of it's Orange pollen parent, it's one of my green seedlings out of my variegated plant.

Admirals Gold X Awesome Bob

Another Portrait in Red seedling

yet another out of Portrait in Red

St-Not x Chin Whiskers Seedling

Astral Voyager seedling

Flying Trapeze X Megatron Seedling

Octopus Hugs

not quite open red bi-color from my variegated Momma, they are very teeny tiny

St-Not X Chin Whiskers

Pink diploid

Portrait in Red seedling

Teeny tiny bi-color from above

Another Pink diploid

Ragamuffin seedling

Indian Giver X Vampire Lestat

Trahlyta X Purple Satellite

Open Hearth x Wild One X Winged Being

Whirling Dervish X Bengalli Princess

Red & Purple keepers

Going Bananas X Cool Blue Breeze-A

Going Bananas X Cool Blue Breeze-C

Going Bananas X Cool Blue Breeze-B

The three Siblings together


Paper Butterfly

purple Pink Stripes seedling

Gavin Petit

Purple Cheetah X Dangling Participle , 2nd flower to open on this plant and it is much different from the first. I called it red before but it's Crimson today, and more of a Dangling Participle form. It's still a gorgeous big bloom no matter how it appears.

A much anticipated Augie's Unique beauty seedling, it doesn't show any of Mom's broken color patterns. It is an amazing gold color, with diamond dusting and a good size.

It's sibling bloomed the same day, and is a different shade of gold, with some red veining through the eye zone area. It's even bigger and the color glows, it's an across the yard eye grabber.

Here is a great plant, it blooms and blooms, and increases very quickly. It is what I was calling a very late bloomer, but this year it was also the first to bloom, and hasn't stopped yet. It has never shown the extra petaloid tissue before so I took a snap. It always looks great, it has nice Mahogany buds, and a dark stripe at the back of the petals.

American Revolution

Ragamuffin seedling
This is the 4th of my Ragamuffin X unknown from the Lily auction, so far they are all nice reds.

This is a mini bloom of a great orange color, it has a very tropical look. It kept calling to me so it's now in the keeper pile.

This Astral Voyager seedling hasn't quite got the hang of things yet. It's a saturated pink, I am thinking about keeping to see how it progresses. It's a good strong pink, I am not much for the pastel pinks, but I like this.

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