Friday, July 8, 2011

Another day in my Daylily world

Thousands of blooms just waiting to open
Here is Galaxy Explosion it has a very unusual color that really pops.
Gudrid is a gorgeous workhorse, hundreds of blooms that seem to just keep going and going
How can you have a bad day after looking at this. New Paradigm is a cutting edge bloom for applique throat breeding. I love this flower. I will be using it a lot this summer in my hybridizing
The sale table is really starting to come into flower. Half the money from the sale of these seedlings goes to the Horticultural Centre of the Pacifics re-building and improvements Couvelier Pavilion Capital Campaign.
Notice the fingerprints at the lower left where I pried open the petals for a peek yesterday, oops.

A nice little spider with a green throat and lots of diamond dusting.

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