Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Variegated Hybridizing update

Here is the first bloom of the season of my variegated daylily. I crossed it with one of it's kids just below.

It seems to be throwing miniature kids, with a waxy look to them. They look like Plumerias blooms to me just just before they are fully open. The buds are a dark Mahogany red and retain the dark brown coloring on the back of the flower. I find them unique.

This is the bloom from above without my hand to show it's diminutive size. I am liking these little guys on their own merits. I expected interesting crosses next year, these were just meant to be my F2 generation experiment to see if I could get variegation.

Here is the pollen parent it has a 30" scape and the blooms are 5"

Here is a close up of the pollen parent shhh (your basic ditch lily)

Here is a close up of the tiny version again.

Yikes, this one doesn't know what to do with itself, maybe next time.

This is what I call their Plumeria look. They look like a tropical flower, not a mini daylily at this stage. My battery died so I didn't get the full open version this time. They were very cute bi-colors, they almost look like they are plastic. I've never seen anything quite like them.

another orange seedling

My favorite seedling from this cross. The eye is Purple in real life, but I haven't been able to catch the color in a photo. It also has veining on the blooms that can run right to the edge of the petals that isn't showing in this pic. I have already given it garden name, and have used it's pollen on everything in my veining program. It doesn't seem right to call it Unk X Unk, or Mystery variegated X Ditchbuddy as I refer to it's parents. MV x DB on my pollen tags has now officially become Jam, for "Jam on my Face".


  1. Little "Jam" is quite a nice looker! Nice petal width and I can see where the veining begins as the purple eye begins to feather out onto the petals. Once mature it will be more evident. you may also find that the bloom size has increased somewhat. I like that I am not seeing the fluvas "rusting" on "Jam" that is present on some of it's sibs, but then I am not saying "fulvas" is a bad thing as it can be a real asset when breeding for very dark colors.

    Now then as for that little melon colored F2, you can just send it down to me and I'll put it with an orange sherbet bi-tome I have out of a complicated cross I've been watching!

  2. I may just do that, it will be awhile before it increases though, as I loaded it with pods on it's maiden bloom....no mercy.
    I will let my seedlings under observation increase next year, and observe the plants more while I grow out their babies.
    I suspect that is backwards but eh, c'est la vie.