Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Everyday is going to be a Daylily Day for the next couple months. Here are today's highlights. This bloom is a lovely soft Apricot with a green throat, a pink eye, and a gold wire edge, another keeper. I have decided not to worry about too many keepers until, well... I have too many.

I have never seen a flower like this before, so of course it's a keeper. It is a mango and salmon bi-color, the Mango is amazing the pic doesn't show how cool this bloom is.

I have been waiting for Artistic Veining to bloom for almost 3 years, I must say it's a little disappointing. It also didn't produce any pollen, not a very desirable trait in a cultivar I wanted to use heavily in my veining program. Hmmmff I hope the next blooms are better, I have to say that the first scape was stunted, whereas the next two are looking stronger so my fingers are crossed.
Here is the sibling to Purple Cheetah X Dangling Participle I am calling it a dark crimson red. The interesting thing about this flower is that it bloomed yesterday, so this is it's second day in bloom. Yesterday it was burgundy today it is a beautiful saturated red, absolutely no fading.

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