Thursday, July 21, 2011

July 21/2011 it's gold today

This is a flower out of a grab bag of mixed diploid seeds, I bought thinking I would landscape the side of the road with. It's been heavy on the yellow, but I think I know what the hybridizer was breeding for, Poly blooms. I have found a few in the batch.

The first one was a Poly 5 petal, I was a little excited so I pulled it aside to cross with the one Poly I have Padmansa. Poly's have a % that the Poly trait shows up. Padmansa is a Poly 4 with a very high 90's poly %.

There have been a few since then, this one is a Poly 6, so I pulled it aside too.

The double dose of sex organs gets a bit distracting. Note two pistils and 12 stamens, thats a lota junk on one flower, unless your into that sorta thang.

Sexy Beast, ha ha (Saw the movie of that title last night, it means English Gangsters)

This is a Poly 6 , so a 12 petaled seedling.

It's quite large and not a bad flower. I like the color well enough, and it has a lightly ruffled edge.

Here is myVolcan Fuego

Here is the Augie's Unique Beauty

I just can't seem to capture the effect well with the camera.

Another try

Here is an AUB seedling, now this one is interesting because it is the most heavily diamond dusted flower I have ever seen. Another trait that doesn't photograph well.

TRUST ME this is not swamp land in Florida, this is one SPARKLY GOLD flower.

NOW, this is THE highlight of my day. This is an Indian Giver X Vampire Lestat kid which I purchased seeds for the veining trait. This 2nd seedling of this cross to bloom is nice, it has a veined eye, good size color etc, very pretty right. What you can not see is the eye. It is a very sparkly heavily diamond dusted gold.

I am willing the camera to pick this up, but eh, it's just not doing it.

Can you see it????

Just imagine it, GOLD and SPARKLY, it's right there!

hmmm, come on you can do it

Have you ever seen an eye made from real Gold before?

Well anyway I am pretty darned titillated , did I mention this was the highlight of my day.

Another bloom on the Copper and Green flowered seedling I have set aside in Green keeper World.

See the chew marks on this flower?

You should see the size of the Snails I have here. My neighbour tells me one came on some produce 20 years ago, and he saved it cause it was neat. It is asexual, and multiplied. He, for a time he sold it's prodigy to "the French" because it is the right kind for Escargot. All I can say is they are beautiful, and big, and like having small cows attack your plants in the night.

Lighter than Air

Edna Selman first bloom for me, she came to me as a bonus gift with an order last Spring.


William Mahieu

Pit of Despair

The cutie, I love from my Ditch Buddy X Mystery variegated...Audience of one, bu tit gets me every time.

Look at the scapes Ditch Buddy can put on a Daylily with short scapes. They have picked up the dark coloring from MV.

Bi color MV seedling, it's throwing mostly Bi colors

MV ....great variegated foliage, small yellow blooms of boring with nice dark backs.

Sorry another MV X Ditch Buddy

Ya ya even I am getting bored

This is a Fabulous Red bloom with great foliage, pics do it no justice. It's in the top 10 keeper pile.

Sales bench seedling

Oceanside X ?

Oceanside X Sexy Sally

This is very nice, it has a bubbly Gold wire edge that the camera does not pick up. It's a keeper, very pretty subtle colors. It's a good match to my Favorite Going Bananas X Cool Breeze seedling.

Sales bench seedling

Ha ha you know who, I sure took a lot of pics of this, kept hoping to get it right I guess.

Admirals Gold X Virtuosity, this is the first of this cross that is showing promise. It's no intro but a very decent garden flower.

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