Friday, July 15, 2011

July 15th

The sales bench is starting to show more color selection, it been mostly yellows so far. Here is one of the purple diploids.

There may be a lot of the yellows but each one is it's own sweet self.
Another non yellow for sale.

Chin Whiskers seedling on the sale bench

A Red Portrait seedling, it may not of been my fancy, but it is a nice flower with a lovely copper blush over pink.

Her is Artistic Veining, behaving badly, this is the flower I chose to breed with hmmmff

Spindazzle is sooo lovely, photos do not do her justice

Purple Cheetah X Dangling Participle

Maiden bloom of a Pink Stripes kid, it's a very lovely, big bloom, with an airy feel to it.

Floro Pleno

Can't stop myself from snapping New Paradigm.

Walter Kennedy also bloomed today, wow is he bright.

Spacecoast Tiny Perfection X Diana maiden bloom

Bahama Butterscotch seedling maiden bloom

Another Going Bananas X Blue Breeze seedling. The first 2 were amazing the third nice, the 4th eh ( to the sale table) and now this one? I am going to wait for the 2nd bloom the eye is a nice color and almost patterened maybe the next bloom will be nicer.

Some of the July 15th maiden bloom brigade. More stunning Red Ragamuffin seedlings to pick the favorite and the rejects from them when they are all similar and all very nice.

The color on this one grabbed me, as did the veining, and eye. I will hang onto it for further consideration.

I love Jan's Twister, this is the first one this season. This one is on the sales bench, I can't wait for the giant clump in the demonstration beds to start blooming in mass.

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