Saturday, July 23, 2011

July 23rd

I want to show how curly this bloom is

It's this Seedlings second bloom it was nice the first time, but even better the second.

It is a very clear color, with lots of diamond dust.

This one is just as nice, it is such a pretty color. It is crystal like.

It is hard to explain how the color makes this bloom so nice. It is a clear rose purple but the color doesn't sit on the surface, it's like it is suspended in a jewel.

The purple stamens are like nothing I have seen on a Daylily to date. It has a clear base, with the purple, then there is blue, but it lightens it rather than darkens it, it sparkles with diamond dust.. It is very pretty. It is quite pale but has a real depth to the color. The whole flower is saturated in subtle clear color even the stamens

Click on the pic to see the larger image you can see a hint of the color layered in the petals. It might be the diamond dusting is blue, and pink as well as the usual clear, I am not sure what causes the effect.

Maybe this is the joy of being a new at something, there is so much you have never seen before. I don't know if this is rare, but I have never seen it. They are very showy, this has been one of my favorite blooms.

It's the color that makes it special, it is frustrating trying to capture with the camera what I am seeing. It looks so ordinary here.

It wasn't a very exciting bloom day otherwise, not too many plants with their maiden blooms today.

I did manage to get a picture of AUB that I am happier with. It has been hard to catch the broken color trait with the glare of the sun, and a bloom that doesn't open flat.

Stripes, flecks, and blotches of orange gold showing through the red.

This flower has quite heavy diamond dusting too.

It has thick plastic like petals.

Some of the splotches are quite large.

Finally a shot that shows what I am seeing!

Some shots of maiden blooms

Maybe, it's purple day?

Purple seedling

Purple seeding

OOPs who let in a red one

Another not Purple seedling

....And back to Purple, there was also a Maiden bloom on a Pink Stripes kid I didn't snap, it was a dark rich grape color.

Now this was kinda weird it really really looked like plastic, you will have to take my word. It had a very smooth rubber look to it.

Soft yellow seedling with a nice Crimson eye

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