Monday, July 18, 2011

New Paradigm division blooming on sale table

Ed Murray

Stippled seedling almost open

Brown petal edge on Cristine Walser Hite X Dragon Fang

Dark Ragamuffin seedling with brown edge, hmmm a cross perhaps....Brown Fang?

Christine Walser Hite X Dragon Fang with Red Portrait seedling

Christine Walser Hite X Dragon Fang

Really nice Mahieu seedling from the other day in bloom again

Gadsen Mesach, it must be brown bloomer day

Pink Stripes Seedling

MEGATRON, it is just so BIG

MEGATRON I have been dabbing it's pollen on my big reds

Spacecoast Freaky Tiki

My buddy I call ditch lily, it has this amazing 6 way branching that doesn't show well in the pic

Here is one of it's kids out of my Mystery variegated, this one combines the little flower from MV exactly but on Ditch buddy scapes

More MV seedlings, with the dark buds from MV

Here the dark coloring from Mom is combined with Dads height and branching...Nice Scapes baby

MV baby with wild petals

From the side, really they looker wilder in real life, like it wants to be a spider

Bi-baby from MV

Buddys Wild and Wonderful

Sales bench dip seedling

Lord Trickster X Rock Solid

Newbies for the day

Bahama Butterscotch seedling

Indian Giver X Vampire Lestat

Christine Walser Hite X Dragon Fang brown edge later in the day

Here she is again from AM

Seedling with extra tissue in mid rib, it showed feathers on the previous two blooms

Red Portrait seedling

Grey edge on ? tba tomorrow

I think I will have to start am evil dark side eerie bloom line, this is much blacker and very grey compared to the pic

Poly seedling, I crossed it with my poly Padmansa


Jan's Twister

Stippled mini seedling out of Astral Voyager

Tall Astral Voyager Seedling on the sale bench

Sale bench Portrait in Red seedling looking pink in the photo but is a copper red

Sale bench diploid seedling

Funny squished looking 4 petaled peach and crimson eye seedling trying to squeeze out that maiden bloom.

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