Friday, July 15, 2011

July 14-20111

Going Banana's cross X Cool Blue Breeze, still liking this one

Orange seedling with a rosy red eye



Pink Stripes kid

Flying Trapeze X Megatron

Green Rainbow X Green Inferno

I didn't know July 14th was green eye daylily day?

This daylily is very green with a Copper overlay, very unusual coloring, I was quite fascinated by it.

Pink cascade with a green throat

White with a green throat

Green Rainbow X Green Inferno later in day, it's still green ha ha

Dragon Eye

Artistic Veining still disappointing

Prague Spring

Pink Stripes seedling having a bad maiden bloom day

Purple Cheetah

Pink Stripes seedling a little more open, still not enjoying the rain

Brookwood Causey Lee doesn't seem to mind rain

Here is a daylily I have had for years, never did find out if it was introduced. It was given to me as a pre intro plant at a New plant conference in the early 90's

Oopps pic is sideways, it's a joyful garden daylily, increases quickly, and always looks good. It's fragrant too. It's was one of my first daylilies.

This unk can be the first daylily, and the last daylily in my garden to bloom. It always puts up it's second set of scapes before the 1st is 100% finished. It is literally in bloom all season, and it is very fragrant.
In the background is also Golden Zebra another variegated daylily.

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