Friday, July 29, 2011

This is Beguiled Again X Stringbean

Big Bird's Friend

Here is Beguiled Again X Stringbean hanging out with Big Bird's Friend.
Big Bird's Friend is bigger than my big yellow but it is still BIG, it only has one fan, and on it's only on it's second bloom ever so maybe it will catch up.

It was actually a conjugal visit so hopefully we have a double dose of big genetics and some interesting seedlings, I wonder if they will throw other colors.

Big Bird's Friend is Yellow and BA X S is Orangey-Yellow with a good dose of diamond dusting.

Big Pink Stripes Kid

Josephs Coat looking rather sad after being divided, and a case of thrips.

This is one of my favorite flowers, but it's looking washed out today.

I am not sure where I picked up this clone of Custard Candy, but it seems much bigger than my other one. It also has the best scape of anything growing in my nursery right now. It has 7 well spaced branches at perfect 45 degree angles, spiraled around the scape.

Annie Golightly looking like a million bucks in the hot sun. Annie is an older cultivar but I want to use Megatron with her, as she holds her color so well. I bought this plant on a very hot day it was my favorite red out of many Reds from Island Daylily Farm.

Flying Trapeze X Purple Cheetah
Here is twin one in Red

Here is twin 2 in Crimson purple

Here is Papa Purple Cheetah, without any spots, my soil or climate doesn't seem to support spots.

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