Thursday, July 28, 2011

July 28th

Another day in Daylily days , and a couple more flowers for my growing top 10 list. This Astral Voyager seedling has been my favorite of several good flowers.

Astral Voyager seedling, this one is a dark Orange with burnt Orange-Crimson eye and wire edge.

Pointsettia X Pack Hunter
I love this flower, it is a Copper with an Orange and Yellow throat, with lots of diamond dust where the Yellow extends down the sepals.

I have a few daylilies I can't wait to cross this to.

A couple of Girly girl 1/2 sisters Oceanside X Sexy Sallly, and Oceanside X Gudrid

Both are a clear what I am calling blue pink, and soft Amethyst

I will be using this in my veining program.

I have a list I want to cross to this, and luckily it's first scape has lots of buds. It's not a big plant yet so I will have to show some mercy.

I will use Joseph's Coat
Simmering Elephants
Gasden Mesach
Artistic Veining
Lilywood Orchid Tones,
and my new Copper seedling Pointsettia X Pack Hunter


Stippled Starlight

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