Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July 26th

AUB X Unk Seedling

Going Bananas X Cool Blue Breeze Seedling

Almost every seedling from this cross has been nice. This one isn't too sure what it wants to do. It has a darker eye than most of the others.

It has a very round petal

This flower was on the reject table, but it's next blooms were so big, I gave it a second look, and today it's bloom was very nice. It's in the keeper pile now.

The only all Yellow Going Bananaas X Cool Blue Breeze seedling

Portrait in Red seedling


Hot Pink , maybe it will have a better bloom next time. It's a very bright color.

St-Not X Chinwhiskers seedling from the side

same seedling from the front

This bloom takes it's time opening. When I first saw it I thought it was ugly. By the time it opens fully it is flat as a plate. It's the only flower I have like this. It's a burnt Orange color, with a circulare eye zone. It is quite unusual, and a full 6" across.

Bright purple seedlings

I really like the blue purple eye on this one.

Love the color on this one, keeping it for observation, It's first bloom is a little sketchy, but it is as bright as the picture.

Beguiled Again X Stringbean

This bloom is very bright Yellowish -Orange, and almost 8" , I didn't expect this out of this cross.
This flower is Stunning, it's in the top 10!, for this season!

Foxpoint Seedling

Foxpoint Seedling, they look the same in the pictures, but they are a little different, one is peachy pink, the other pink with a hint of peach.

Walter Kennedy

Wispy Rays
This is the first time this Daylily has bloomed since I purchased it this Spring. I am very happy with it.

Orchid Corsage

Gasden Mesach

This is a gorgeous flower, I was so disapointed last year when it bloomed. I thought it looked nothing like it's pictures, but this year it's settled in and I love it.

Royal Flycatcher

The scape on this Daylily is very well spaced and the branches spiral around the scape. It is supposed to be Custard Candy but it is much different than the other clump I have of it. The flowers look the same but one is a big plant, and the other short.

Annie Golightly

Lighter than Air

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