Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Purple Cheetah X Hanging Participle

This is a flower that you can see from across the yard, the color glows in the sun. It is a pure Thalo Crimson where light shines through the petals.

I tried to capture the color, but my old digital just couldn't manage it. The color is very pure and clear, it isn't purple exactly, there is a fuchsia undertone that tells me it's a red. I guess it's a crimson purple?

It has a large green and yellow throat from it's Momma Purple Cheetah.
This is a big bloom a full 8", not counting it's full unfurled wingspan, so it seems it has taken the size of Dangling Participle. I love this flower's color it's nicer than any of my named cultivars, so of course it's a keeper! Can you have too many keepers?

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